Mr. Jacobson’s Window

Emily-Ann's imagination runs wild when she catches a shadowy glimpse of her new elderly neighbour through his living room window. Should she trust her first impression?


Between the Lines

Deborah is not a peeping Tom, but she has a long-held fascination with the warmth and glow of living room windows at night.  That fascination helped shape the story and so did her respect for those, like Emily-Ann and her mother, who do much with little. 

Mr. Jacobson's Window began to take shape more than 10 years ago, when Deborah wrote a children's story for a Christmas worship service. "I wanted to come up with something that held the spirit of the season without necessarily being confined to it."



This book marks several "firsts" for Deborah. It is her first attempt at illlustration, the first time in about 20 years that she picked up a pencil and paintbrush with serious intent, the first time she painted with acrylics, and the first time she undertook a project with more than a couple of related pieces. She describes the process as an adventure. 



Mr. Jacobson's Window was shortlisted for the McNally Robinson Book for Young People Award in the category for younger readers.



Beautifully written and illustrated by Deborah Froese, Mr. Jacobson's Window is a tender, lyrical, and charming book. It tells a timeless story of fear and acceptance in a way that effectively captures a child's perspective. Jury, McNally Robinson Book for Young People Award. (Karen Bass, Kevin Marc Fournier, Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch.)



Mr. Jacobson's Window  is available from AmazonMcNally Robinson Booksellers, Chapters and  Peanut Butter Press.