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I’m here because I’m passionate about creating stories and sharing them, and I hope that you are too. Stories matter. Whether truth or fiction or somewhere inbetween, each story we ecounter prods our imaginations, broadens our perspectives, and adds another thread to the tapestries that become our own personal stories. Join me as I share stories and all kinds of matter about stories, including the way they influence us.

Circle of Healing

In a month or so, the red brick exterior of the house down the road will no longer peek between the naked walnut tree branches in my back yard. A froth of new buds will emerge, gradually masking it behind a fresh canopy of green leaves. But when I look through my kitchen window, I’ll still know it’s there. And looking out will remind me that for the people who live in that red brick … continued…

Poppies for Peace

Lest we forget. Never again. Those phrases conjure images of poppies and my childhood interpretation of Remembrance Day. November 11 assumed a distinct purpose through my eyes back then: to honour veterans and those who had sacrificed their lives  for our country and to acknowledge that war is awful, people die and suffer terribly, and we must do everything within our power to prevent it from happening again. Somehow the latter part of that message has grown … continued…


Deborah Froese is the author of 3 books for young people and numerous non-fiction articles. She serves as the editorial director for Rebelight Publishing Inc. and the director of news services for Mennonite Church Canada

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